The NCW Tech Alliance is offering he chance to improve your tech skills and get paid to do it.  The organization's Community Skills Initiative has partnered with Microsoft to conduct the Upskill-A-Thon, on now through March 31st.

Participants complete online courses and earn certifications in high demand skills.  The more classes you complete, the more points you earn and participants can win up to $2,000 in cash.

The skills and certifications earned can also help you advance in your career or compete for a better job.

The Community Skills Initiative is a free online program to help professionals and job seekers alike to successfully navigate the pathways to in-demand roles in the ever growing digital economy.

NCW Tech Alliance CEO Sue Kane says "the Microsoft Philanthropies has given us a grant to be able to bring these digital skills to the community. And the platform has skills for individuals who need to learn how to use a web browser, learn how to set up an email all the way up to how become a network technician.  "I want to earn a certificate  to get me in the door and everywhere in between. So Microsoft has really helped us build that platform out and the web portal with local access to be able to offer those skills to anybody who wants them" said Kane.

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Conrad Billman, a Technology Program Manager with NCW Tech Alliance says Up-Skill-A-Thon Courses are available in English and Spanish and open to anyone 16 and older.  A free LinkedIn account is required.  Register now

"ome of the courses that we're offering that will help you advance are digital literacy and productivity, entrepreneurship, project management to data analysis. So there's a wide variety of different course types that will help you practice your skills and help you advance" Billman said.

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