Governor Jay Inslee announced in a press conference Monday afternoon that he has provided new guidelines to allow the expansion of some health care services, including dentists.

Inslee said, "Under this plan each healthcare or dental provider will need to meet certain criteria to be able to be doing non-urgent procedures. Each provider evaluates their readiness to begin, and needs to maintain standards to continue to see patients."

Inslee added that the level of expansion his proclamation will allow for each business will depend on the ability to be prepared for another potential COVID onslaught.

Another reason Washington can now open more of its healthcare system is the completion of the state's centralized hospital reporting system, WA Health.

"WA Health allows for real-time tracking of capacity in our state's hospitals, to be ensure that the state can be ready in case there is new COVID-19 activity," explained Inslee.

One other important guideline that must be met before health care services can expand is whether or not emergency providers in the region have enough extra capacity to be prepared for another coronavirus outbreak.

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