As possible tariffs against U.S. apples are discussed in retaliation to recent action taken by President Trump, Todd Fryhover of the Washington Apple Commission says a 15 percent tariff in April is not the reason they're done shipping to China.

"It was more about the change from random, minimal inspection of our product to 100 percent inspection. When you go to 100 percent inspection, it causes huge issues."

The Asian nation instituted the tariff after President Trump placed a tariff on Chinese steel and aluminum.

Fryhover noted that with a perishable product additional delays are not only costly, but make it hard to deliver a product on time for ripeness.

"If we return to just the 15 percent tariff and don't have 100 percent inspection, we will continue to ship into China, no question about it. It's a great market, they take a lot of varieties. They pay good money for our products."

Fryhover says China exports are worth around $40-50 million to Washington growers.

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