Rep. Dan Newhouse is taking aim squarely at the Chinese Communist Party. Newhouse, a Republican from Sunnyside, has represented Washington's 4th congressional district since 2015.

On Tuesday Newhouse introduced the No American Land for Communist China Act. This legislation, which at last count had 33 cosponsors, explicitly bars the CCP from purchasing vast swathes of American land.

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In a press release Newhouse is quoted as saying, "I have been closely watching the rise in cases of the CCP’s attempts at undermining our institutions. From spying on sensitive national security sites to buying up American farmland, it is clear we are vulnerable to their malicious efforts."

"This bill would prohibit any agent of the CCP, or any business owned by the CCP, from purchasing land adjacent to federal land in the U.S. This protects our military installations, national labs, and land with critical resources from being purchased by our greatest adversary."

At every level of government, there has been consternation about China greedily snatching up American acreage. Back in March, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) testified before the House Agricultural Committee. She accused China of "systematically working to take over [America's] food supply chain."

Per Noem's testimony, China holds about 400,000 acres of U.S. farmland. Canada - hardly an adversary - owns nearly 13 million acres.

In 2021, the USDA published a report on the landholdings of foreign investors. It turns out that foreign "encroachment" on arable land is uncommonly prevalent in Washington State. About seven percent of Washington's privately held farmland is foreign-owned; that's more than double the national average.

Acres at Magnolia, Christmas Farm in Farmingdale, NJ

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