Growing up in Brewster WA, I couldn't wait to move onto a new town that was bigger, and more to offer. What I didn't know was how much I'd actually miss it.

Small towns of Eastern WA

Brewster- the size of a twix bar and it's sister city, Pateros that sits 6 miles away, is about the size of a match stick. Obvously I am being funny, but seriously, they are small towns.

When I moved to Wenatchee, I thought to myself, "Man, I'm in the city now!" And for someone from such small areas, yes, Wenatchee is huge. Until you've lived here for 15 years.

Let's take a dive into some of the Ghost towns!

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I had never even heard of Drumheller! Who?!

Pretty cool to see what those "towns" are now. Dust bowls of empty memories.

Let's say you want to retire and relax in Washington, what are the best towns for that?

The 15 Best Places to Retire in Washington State

Wouldn't ya know it! Wenatchee WA made the list! I am here for it!

I have since moved to another small town in Eastern WA, a lifetime movie town it seems to be actually. Cashmere WA. I would gladly live here the rest of my life with a smile on my face. Perfect neighborhoods, story book main street and the nicest people! Such a cool town! I highly recommend!

So, where are you visiting on your next trip in Washington? A ghostly adventure or a plan for retirement. Either or, you are going to be choosing right in Washington State!

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