Growing up in Washington State, I've developed a sort of a "bias" opinion towards "home."

Washington State is The Best State

Think about it, all the seasons, the dry almost desert like areas to rainforest, Washington State has something for everyone.

Washington State Ranks #2 overall compared to the other states. Source

The Evergreen State is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream with its geological diversity, including mountains, deserts, rainforests and a Pacific coastline. - Source

Washington State Ranks #2, Here's The Break Down

While I am Bias and think Washington State is Number 1, let's break down why they rank #2 overall

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Check out the methodology here. 

Did you know:

"Seattle has an average of 152 days of measurable rain per year." - Source


On the other hand, the "dry side" of Washington hopes for rain on some weeks. It's truly crazy how different each side of the mountains are in Washington, even down to the political beliefs.

Have you lived in any other state?

I personally have not, so my opinion is very one sided, but looking at the, ranking #2 overall is pretty awesome!

Out of 50 States, Washington States rates #2 Overall.

Pat yourself on the Back Washington State, and while you at it, maybe take away a few taxes... Just Saying.


How big is Washington State anyway?

71,301 SQ. MI. (source)

I don't know why I asked that but seemed fitting for this article.

You could have told me that Washington State ranks #2 because we are the birth place of Starbucks. I mean, doesn't seem like much to one person, but it all clicks for me, and I'd react as such...


Thinking of moving to Washington?

Pretty sure we just gave you the reason to say, "Yes!"

Non-Tourist, Tourist Activities in Washington State

Because sometimes we just want an experience that not everyone else has.

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