Gov. Jay Inslee's appointment of a Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority commissioner to a state board now has the approval of lawmakers.

JC Baldwin was unanimously confirmed by the Washington State Senate Monday to serve on the Washington State Transportation Commission.

Senator Brad Hawkins of East Wenatchee has been a strong supporter of Baldwin and helped guide her quick approval through a committee to the Senate floor.

“I’m grateful the Senate was able to move Commissioner Baldwin through the process so promptly," said Hawkins. "She will do a great job on the Transportation Commission. I’m glad the Senate completed its confirmation process this session, so that she’s not hanging out there for multiple years like many other gubernatorial appointees awaiting confirmation.”

Most governor appointees serve in their positions as unconfirmed appointees.

Baldwin made the trip to Olympia on Feb.1, where she spoke before the Transportation Committee. The committee, on which Senator Hawkins is a member, voted unanimously to send her to the full Senate for confirmation the next Week.

Democratic state Senator Lisa Wellman of Mercer Island joined Hawkins in expressing support of Baldwin on the Senate floor.

"Having served on the Economic Community Revitalization Board, working with port commissioners across the state, I know the vital role they play in economic development for our state," said Wellman. "And JC Baldwin has been a leader in that area."

Baldwin has been a commissioner on the Port Authority from Chelan County since 2005 and was reelected to her seat last November.

She also has served on the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council and the State Public Works Board.

The state Transportation Commission provides an open public forum for transportation policy development. It reviews and assesses how the entire transportation system works across the state and issues the state’s 20-year Washington Transportation Plan.

Baldwin has been been serving on the Transportation Commission since last JUly

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