Gov. Jay Inslee's appointment of a Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority commissioner to a state board is one step closer to being confirmed. 

The Senate Transportation Committee voted unanimously this week to approve Inslee's appointment of JC Baldwin to the Washington State Transportation Council. 

Baldwin has received strong support from State Senator Brad Hawkins of East Wenatchee, who sits on the committee. 

The full Senate will have until the end of the legislative session Mar. 7 to confirm Baldwin. 

Her confirmation would be a rare feat because most governor appointees serve in their positions as unconfirmed appointees. 

As well, Baldwin's confirmation would be largely ceremonial as she’s been serving on the Transportation Council since last July. She's serving a six-year term. 

Ballwin made the trip to Olympia Thursday where she spoke before the Transportation Committee. She said the transportation needs in Central and eastern Washington have been overlooked. 

Baldwin has been a commissioner on the Port Authority from Chelan County since 2005 and was reelected to her seat last November. 

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