Are you motivated at work?  We spend a lot of our time earning a paycheck so it should be work that fulfills and brings purpose.

A study has asked 3,000 workers nationwide to assess worker's level of motivation and the results are in for Washington state.  It reveals a common denominator is the emergence of AI or artificial intelligence is presenting as a possible threat to workers livelihoods.

There is also an interactive map below that shows what workers in different parts of the country feel are the least motivating jobs.

What are the least motivating jobs in Washington state?

#1 Call Center Representatives
Perched in their cubicles, these are the voices of patience, handling a barrage of calls with a calm voice in a storm of inquiries and complaints.   Artificial Intelligence's virtual assistants and chatbots are ready to take over this field and that is a demotivating factor for many.

#2 Telemarketers
The unsung heroes of sales, telemarketers pitches often fall on deaf ears.  As AI becomes more conversational, it's also starting to be deployed into telemarketing, potentially eliminating human callers.

#3 Bookkeepers
Bookkeeping is often a solitary task.  Workers face the threat of AI's calculative ability to eliminate jobs..

#4 Administrative Assistants 
Administrative assistants are the unseen heroes who keep office life running smoothly, handling schedules and paperwork with skill.  AI technology advances, it can take over many of these tasks.

#5 Claims Adjusters and Processors
These detail detectives do a lot of conflict management but AI is able to sort through data and make decisions at a pace that could streamline workers many out of a job.

#6 Bank Tellers and Finance Customer Service Representatives
The personal touch of bank tellers was once a cornerstone of financial transactions, but  now competes with the efficiency of online banking. The face of finance is going digital, making the familiar sight of tellers behind counters less common.

#7 Language Translators
Translator's linguistic skills could be replaced by AI translation tools, raising questions about the future need for human mediators.

#8 Fast Food and Service Industry Workers
With rising food and labor costs, this job sector is the type that's ripe for the picking by automation that promises no vacation or sick time requests or benefits.  With automated systems flipping burgers and taking orders, the future might mean fewer workers.

#9 Data Entry Clerks
Data entry clerks face the relentless monotony of inputting information, a repetitive task offering little mental stimulation or recognition.  As AI becomes adept at this task  it could close the need for human data input.

#10 HR Assistants
The human cogs in the human resources machine, these assistants manage the life cycle of employment from behind the scenes. As AI systems grow more adept at managing these cycles, HR assistants may find their roles reshaped or resized.  From automating hiring processes to answering FAQs, AI could redefine the 'human' in 'human resources.'

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