A survey has found 20% of Washington workers have a work wife/work husband.

Many admit to having pet names for their work spouse

While it's HR department approved and completely platonic, is it a good idea to have an "office soul-mate"?

The Work Spouse Trend is Not New

Here is the gist of the re-emerging trend that was side-tracked during the pandemic with so many people working from home and now returning to the office setting, according to a survey.

The term work spouse has been around almost twenty years and describes platonic connections that may be stronger than ever.

On average, 18% of employees who returned to an office setting have formed a "work spouse" relationship.  The trend is most prevalent in Iowa, where 28% of returning office workers have a ‘work wife/work husband’ connection.

Only 5% of Arkansans are into these work-based partnerships.

How Many Washington Office Workers are in a "Work Spouse" Relationship?

1,654,269 people or 21% of full time office workers in Washington claim to have a "Work Wife" or "Work Husband"

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How far do you take Work Matrimony?

  • 43% said they would maintain the relationship even if one of the workers changed jobs
  • 35% admit they have a pet name for their work spouse
  • 15% say they have lunch daily, calling it a highlight of their day

Apparently, the work spouse relationship is fulfilling some craving for someone at work who gets you and can commiserate with you and may be an important ally or strategic partner.

That can be comforting in an impersonal work environment.

But, can the work spouse dynamic send the wrong impression to co-workers or real spouses, or lead to hurt feelings like any relationship can when it falters?  Possibly, so entering into these relationships with eyes wide open is probably the best course of action..

Survey data courtesy of Wealth of Geeks.

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