The controversial Leavenworth Adventure Park is asking for changes in its permit to allow for live music, extended hours, and the elimination of its ticketed parking requirements. 

A public hearing was held Friday by Leavenworth Hearing Examiner Andrew Kottkamp to consider the adventure park's proposal to amend its Conditional Use Permit (CUP). 

The park filed in December to remove required ticketed parking, allow non-amplified music outside until 8:00 pm, allow amplified live music for special events inside until 10:00 pm, and operate inside activities until 10:00 pm.  

A report from Leavenworth city staff largely recommended approval of the changes asked for by the adventure park, although it only recommended acoustic music indoors. The report recommended dropping ticketed parking on the condition that the city could still require another parking report at the end of the park's third year of operation. 

The adventure park completed a noise study required to change its permit in January.  The staff report concluded that the noise was within the municipal code. 

The Leavenworth Adventure Park is located at 9342 Icicle Road in Leavenworth. It has an alpine coaster known as the Tumwater Twister, a climbing wall, a mining sluice, and a trampoline. Its Guest Service building has indoor amenities. 

The city received more than 200 public comments with many of them expressing concern about noise, traffic, and changes to the initial conditions of the permit.  

The constant screaming from riders on the coaster was a common complaint, with some people saying the noise could be heard inside their homes. 

There were also complaints about park visitors parking on Icicle Road, with concerns about hazards presented to foot traffic and bikes that travel along the road. 

Hearing Examiner Kottkamp said he'll have a decision within 10 business days on the music, hours, and parking requests from the adventure park.  

He also suggested another public hearing be held over noise complaints about the park. 

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