Leavenworth is getting a $1.95 million grant from the state Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) to upgrade city streets. 

A pavement inventory completed earlier this year showed Leavenworth had the third worst average pavement condition rating in the state. 

Leavenworth Communications and Special Projects Manager Kara Raftery says the pavement will be improved through a process known as "Scrub Sealing". 

"The Scrub Seal is one of the newest ones that we're highlighting, which is this “Red Town Initiative” TIB is putting on," said Raftery. "And that's going to be addressing the pavement condition ratings. So, that's going to bring all of our pavement up to standard." 

Most Leavenworth streets date back to the city’s formation as a logging town when a thin layer of asphalt was paved over existing dirt roads. 

The roads didn't meet standards for engineering, subgrading and layering, according to Raftery. 

The deficient roadway structure has resulted in numerous obstacles for the preservation and maintenance of city streets. 

Raftery said the scrub sealing process will allow work to be done with very little disruption to travel in Leavenworth, which is a high traffic tourist destination. 

"The type of treatment that we're going to be applying can be done within a day or so," Raftery said. "So, we can do these projects within sort of a day's work, so we're not closing down entire stretches of streets. But we can close down blocks at a time and get the work done." 

Scrub sealing is similar to chip sealing in which a thin base of hot tar is laid on the roadway and is topped with finely graded crushed rock. 

The treatment is meant to be a cost-effective way to preserve pavement by filling existing roadway cracks and providing protection to the existing roadway surface. Leavenworth is receiving $1,575,000 for this work. 

TIB’s “Red Town Initiative” has highlighted Leavenworth as one of the top 5 cities in the state with the worst pavement ratings.  

The grant will be used on streets that are in good condition or showing signs of moderate wear. It will not be a sufficient solution to fix streets that are degraded beyond repair, which will require full-depth reconstruction.  

Many of the deteriorated streets also contain underground water, sewer, and stormwater systems that need replacement.  

Leavenworth city staff are currently developing a plan to replace all underground utilities while roadway reconstruction takes place. 

Also included in the $1.95 million grant is $277,992 for curb ramp improvements, which will make them ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. 

In addition, TIB is awarding the city a grant of $90,000 for street maintenance. 

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