The Waste Loop Recycling Center in Leavenworth is getting a nearly $160,000 grant to boost its operations. 

The grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce is meant to help the center develop uses for industrial waste. 

The Waste Loop center offers Leavenworth residents a place to take glass waste to divert it from going to landfills. 

The center started up in 2019 after Waste Management stopped accepting glass in their recycling system back in 2019. 

The center also accepts other recyclable materials. 

It’s one of four projects announced Monday receiving a total of $850,000 from the Commerce Department. 

The others were Cascadia Produce in Auburn, Qualterra in Cheney and Washington State University in Pullman. 

The grants are part of the Commerce Department's Industrial Symbiosis Program, which is in its second year. 

The funding is meant for projects that go beyond waste reduction by turning waste into a valued resource. The money is aimed at a range of uses, ranging from research and development to implementation. 

The Waste Loop Recycling Center in Leavenworth accepts the following: 

  1. mixed paper, aluminum & tin cans and plastic bottles
  2. Cardboard (flattened, corrugated)
  3. Glass (free of plastic labels, plastic rings and foil)
  4. Yard Waste is accepted from City of Leavenworth residents only

Yard waste may include leaves, pine needles and limbs cut into 4 foot or shorter lengths.  Recyclable paper lawn & garden bags are also accepted.  NO dirt, rocks, sod or building debris. 

 The City of Leavenworth provides yard waste pick-up services to city residents twice a year (Spring & Fall). 

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