Republicans in the State Legislature are asking Governor Jay Inslee to further open the state and help the economy.

Senate Republican Leader John Braun says it’s time to trust the people.

"People, individually, are making good decisions to keep themselves, their families, their neighbors safe and we should trust them to continue to do that. Give them the freedom to operate their lives more fully and safely."

Braun and House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox sent a letter to Governor Inslee asking him to open businesses, houses of worship and other institutions to 50-percent capacity.

Wilcox says people are hurting.

"There's hardly a person I know who doesn't know a young person whose gone backwards. Sometimes in tragic ways because of the isolation that's been imposed on them. I think almost everybody is aware of older parents or grandparents who are suffering."

In the letter written by Wilcox and Braun, the leaders did commend the governor for his efforts to get Washington’s students back into classrooms.

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