The City of Leavenworth has contracted with Link Transit to design a roundabout on the intersection of Icicle Road and US 2.

The roundabout is projected to provide better turnaround access for Link Transit buses and provide a safe intersection for pedestrians.

“This is an almost $4 million project that Link Transit is really excited to get started,” City of Leavenworth Communications Analyst Christie Voos said. “Sharing the cost and the engineering really enables us to understand and have a little bit of say in how the roundabout is constructed.”

Voos also adds that Adventure Park developers John Sutherland and David Moffett donated some land back to the city for the roundabout.

Leavenworth will be covering half of the engineering costs for up to $120,000, for a total of $240,000 in engineering fees.

Link Transit hopes to start construction in the summer of 2023.

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