Wenatchee is the home to the best U-17 club soccer team in the entire Nation!

Congratulations to the entire Wenatchee FC Youth 05 team (all players are born in year 2005) Last weekend, Wenatchee FC beat Steel United California  - - IN THE HIGH COLORADO ALTITUDE - - to win the bragging rights as National champs!


Photo Credit: Wenatchee FC Youth team

Deserving the high fives and congrats include Coach Neil Oyston, the entire roster of players on the squad and the parents who have supported the boys with tons and tons of support, including years of long road trips, laundry and orange slices.

I myself am proud parent of a U-11 player in the Wenatchee FC Youth program. Lots of thanks to Coach Mike Osborn for being part of the great roster of Wenatchee FC boys and girls coaches. These individuals are help teaching our youth to be great, both on and off the soccer field.

Wenatchee FC have two more teams looking for a National title.

In the coming week, the Wenatchee FC 03 boys team (players born in 2003) and the Wenatchee FC 08 boys (players born in 2008) will both be looking to win a National Championship in Colorado.

Many of the Wenatchee FC 03 Boys team played on this year's Wenatchee High School team that advanced to the Washington State 4A boys State tournament, this National tournament will be the final time this special squad will play together (Many of them have been teammates since they were 5 years of age!).

Congrats again to Wenatchee FC Youth for helping our Valley become a Soccer hot-bed for players looking to play in college and beyond!


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