A 35-year-old man faces felony charges after allegedly fleeing from multiple police agencies overnight Tuesday morning. 

Officers say the man was driving a stolen pickup truck after 12:30am when he fled several attempts to stop him in the Wenatchee area after he was called in for erratic driving by another driver. 

Chelan County Sheriff's Sergeant Lee Risdon said the man reached 100 miles an hour on U.S. 2 before crashing off of Eels Road near Cashmere. 

"They were able to spot those suspects after they wrecked their truck down a steep ravine by using a drone, and saw those suspects hiding and ultimately trying to walk out in the darkness," said Risdon. 

Risdon says the drone video led officers to the exact place the suspects were trying to flee. 

Eric Owen Conner was arrested on numerous felony charges. 

Conner faces three counts of felony eluding, after State Patrol Troopers, Wenatchee Police and Chelan County deputies all say they attempted to stop him. The deputies say he also maneuvered around spike strips they’d set up. 

Conner also faces Possession of Stolen Property and Obstructing/Resisting an Officer. 

A woman who was with Conner was not charged. 

Officers say the pickup Conner was driving was a stolen Department of Natural Resources work truck out of Okanogan County. 

Risdon said a wrecker required an extended period of time to recover the truck, which had traveled hundreds of yards down the ravine. 

He said Conner and the woman were fortunate to have escaped injury after the crash. 

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