The Ephrata man who was arrest outside of the Gorge Amphitheater Friday night with two loaded pistols may not have been planning a mass shooting.

Grant County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Kyle Foreman says Jonathan R. Moody plead not guilty to two weapons charges Monday, both gross misdemeanors, and later posted bail.

Moody was reportedly interviewed and a search warrant was served on two vehicles.

"Since the investigation is not finished, what we can say is that we now don't feel his intent was to cause a mass shooting," said Foreman.

Concertgoers to last week's Bass Canyon Festival informed security of a suspicious looking man inhaling an unknown substance from a balloon in a nearby parking lot.

The Sheriff's Office said Moody was seen loading two pistols from the trunk of his car and was asking people when the concert was ending and where the venue exits were.

Foreman added that it is unclear if prosecutors will file any other charges against Moody.

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