A 70-year-old man faces 1st degree murder charges after deputies found a dead 46-year-old woman in a home in Oroville Saturday night.

Police and deputies arrived to a domestic dispute at about 8:45 pm to find a dead woman on the floor along with two men.

Deputies say Roy Rasmussen confessed to shooting Siri Zosel, who he had been dating.

They say the other man on the scene told them he'd been informed by Rasmussen that Zosel had been dead for a couple of days.

Rasmussen was charged with 1st degree murder while the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the incident.

Deputies say they were told a concerned friend went to check on Zosel after not hearing from her, and was unable to talk to Zosel and Rasmussen appeared to be defensive.

She told her husband who then went to the residence, and was able to get inside and see Sozel on the floor.

The friend's husband was the other man on the scene when Police and deputies arrived.

Anyone with information on the investigation is asked to contact Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office