A man out on bail for a burglary charge is back in jail on two new burglary charges in Soap Lake.

Officers arrested 26-year-old Jakkob McCallin after they say he was identified by one of the victims of the new burglaries as walking along the side of a highway.

Police say McCallin first gave them a fake identity, which didn't work because officers already know him from previous encounters.

Officers reported finding evidence tying McCallin to both Soap Lake burglaries, and say he may have been involved in other crimes while out on bail.

He was taken back to the Grant County Jail on additional burglary charges.

It was Soap Lake Chief Ryan Cox in particular who recognized McCallin from previous encounters.

Police confronted McCallin on the side of the highway after they say the reporting party from one of the burglaries called and stated he just saw the suspect from his own surveillance video.

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