The Wenatchee Valley Corvette Club showed off more than 75 classics and super cars on North Wenatchee Avenue on Saturday. Two blocks of Wenatchee Avenue were blocked off for the 10th Annual  "Nothing But Vette" Show and organizers were pleased with the attendance and opportunity to show off their pride and joys.

Dan Loshbaugh has the fever "A lot of us grew up in the muscle car era and the Corvette is the ultimate muscle car"  I can verify Loshbaugh's claim after he took me for a spin in his 2019 C-7 Z06 Coupe Corvette out to Pangborn Airport earlier this week!  Corvette's are incredible automobile's and he explained buyers of new Corvette's are sent to driving school to learn how to safely drive them!  Loshbaugh's vette with 650hp is capable of exceeding 200mph, if you need too. "Once you drive them, once you get out on the road with them, they are such a pleasurable car to drive" said a beaming Loshbaugh.



Models included a 1960 Corvette valued at $200-thousand and from every generation of Corvette on the road today

The Wenatchee Valley Corvette Club was formed in 2010 and supports the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society through a variety of events and sponsors two annual scholarships for aspiring automotive mechanic students at Wenatchee Valley College.

The club has a full summer of activities and events planned you can check out here

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