Pinnacles Prep is launching a mini-internship program for its 8th grade students and is looking for local businesses and organizations to get involved.

"Part of what we envision for Pinnacles is to connect our scholars to the community, and part of that is to connect them to social capital and help them figure out what it is they like to do," said Pinnacles co-founder, Sara Rolfs. "So we're going to be giving our students some hands-on, career-connected opportunities for them to explore."

Rolfs says the students at Pinnacles have already expressed an interest in a variety of vocations.

"Our scholars have identified several non-profits they're interested in like Cascadia Conservation District and the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society. Others have indicated an interest in the City of Wenatchee or the court system. It's really fascinating too that a lot of them are interested in the service and hospitality industries, since that's probably going to be the first kind of job many of them will have."

Both public and private businesses and nonprofit organizations are eligible to host Pinnacles interns at no cost with all transportation provided by the school.

Those interested in hosting the school's interns can email or click here to register.

The internship program will take place from March 13-17.

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