The Chelan-Douglas Regional Port Authority has passed a resolution allowing the advanced purchase of materials for a 5,000-foot water line associated with the new Microsoft data center near Malaga.

Port CEO, Jim Kuntz, says the action was taken due to lengthy wait times in the supply chain.

“The lead is very long for getting materials in,” explained Kuntz. “So this gives me the authority to order the materials, (including) the valves and the fittings (now).”

The resolution authorized $1 million for the early procurement of materials.

The total cost to install the line is projected to be over $4 million and the first phase of the entire project is estimated at $9.5 million.

Microsoft has agreed to reimburse the port for all of the construction costs, including any required water improvements to the Malaga system.

The water will help to cool Microsoft’s six planned cloud storage structures.

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