It's been a great season for fishing on the region's lakes and rivers, with plentiful returns of many varieties of salmon and other fish.

Local fishing guide, Dave Graybill - "The Fishing Magician" - says one popular spot in the Upper Valley has been especially hot for anglers in recent weeks.

"Lake Wenatchee is getting a record return of sockeye. It's been open for three weeks now and it's been just tremendous. The table-quality of these fish is absolutely the best!"

Most of the sockeye being caught are modest in size, at about three pounds.

There's a four fish limit for sockeye catches on Lake Wenatchee, and most anglers are easily attaining that mark in just a few hours.

Graybill says if you're looking to hook something a bit larger, the action for that lies further north.

"The big fish - the king salmon - are being caught in the Brewster Pool right off the mouth of the Okanogan River. And those are up to about thirty pounds. The recent Brewster Salmon Derby winner was just under thirty pounds."

Graybill reminds anglers that the best way to preserve the table quality of your catch is to get it on ice as quickly as possible.

Fishing for trout, bass, and walleye has also been exceptional this year.

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