A Seattle man was rescued from Cannon Mountain on Tuesday evening by local entities, including Chelan County Search and Rescue. 36 year old, Ryan Cairnes, suffered a significant fall that caused serious injuries while descending Cannon Mountain on Sunday evening, however Cairnes miraculously managed to make it to Stuart Lake Trail where rescuers would later locate him.

"Initially on Monday..Rivercom dispatch received a call from his mother in Pennsylvania that her son..should've been out Sunday night or Monday and she hadn't heard anything from since he sent a text when he was on top of Cannon Mountain Sunday afternoon," said Sergeant Kent Sisson from Chelan County Sheriff's Office.

A search and rescue deputy discovered Cairnes' vehicle at the Stuart Lake Trailhead and when Cairnes hadn't returned to his vehicle or contacted anyone by Tuesday morning, a ground and air search was initiated. On Cairnes' end, he was also conscious and alert through his injuries while the search was underway.

"He actually stayed in place where he fell Sunday night and then through Monday, thinking maybe someone had reported him overdue," said Sergeant Sisson. "He stayed in place all day Monday and survived with his coat and sleeping bag. He maneuvered himself over to get some water (there was a waterfall nearby). He made a conscious decision Monday evening he was going to hike out on his own."

Despite his injuries, Cairnes found a branch to aid as a walking stick and made his way to where he knew the trail was located. He eventually made his way to Stuart Lake Trail when the mountain rescue members were hiking back toward the trailhead.

"He comes across as very determined individual. He was going to survive this one way or the other," said Sergeant Sisson.

He was transported by Central Washington Hospital and is currently in stable condition, but suffering fractures to his neck, right knee, scapula and rib injuries.


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