It's that time of year when many of you start to clean out your garages or sheds to get ready for spring.

Items you've collected and stored such as containers of paints and pesticides may need to be thrown away.

Chelan County Public Works ask that you refrain from throwing these items into your garbage can or the landfill and take them instead to the County Moderate Risk Waste Facility.

"You're going to be able to identify them because of their labels. They're going to have words like dangerous or hazardous or flammable. These are things you should be taking to our household hazardous facility." Public Information Jill Fitzsimmons said.

Be aware. There are some items that the County Moderate Risk Waste Facility won't take.

"Things like tires, we don't take contaminated soil, we don't take pressurized tanks, needles, computers, asbestos or electronics. We don't take ammunition or explosives or fireworks either." Fitzsimmons added.

The facility accepts only residential household hazardous waste. No business waste is accepted unless it is a scheduled small business collection event.

The facility, located in the 3600 block of Highway 97A, is open Tuesday through Friday.

But for people who can't get away on weekdays, the facility is open the first Saturday of every month.

When you arrive, pull forward under the canopy, have identification showing you're a Chelan County resident ready, and stay in your vehicle during unloading.

Other guidelines that the facility would like you to follow before making the trip:

  • Don't mix products.
  • Keep products in original containers when possible. Label products not in original containers.
  • Secure products so they don't tip over or leak.
  • Containers should be nonleaking and of 5 gallons or less in size.
  • Transport similar products upright in cardboard boxes for safe, easy unloading.
  • Our guests are limited to 50 gallons of waste a day. (Remember, in 5-gallon or less containers.) If you have more, please call and make an appointment.

For more information, click here.

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