Moses Lake police are on the hunt for a man suspected of eluding officers in a stolen vehicle.

Police Captain Dave Sands says the suspect was asleep when spotted inside the parked vehicle in the area of Miller Street and Longview Street early Tuesday morning.

"When officers did yell for subject to wake up, the subject decided he didn't want to talk to us and he drove off, striking one of our patrol vehicles slightly. There was no major damage, and he did drive over some spike strips." Sands said.

Sands says officers refrained from pursuing the suspect due to a state law that states the situation must meet certain criteria.

"The legislature came out with a law that says essentially that we can only pursue for what's considered violent offenses which are defined in RCW and are generally considered violent felonies, so assault one and homicide"

If you have any information that can help Moses Lake police in their investigation, call 509-762-1160.

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