Two hikers are safe after getting rescued by helicopter from the Enchantments backcountry area by Chelan County deputies. 

The hikers had planned to make the 24-mile trip through the area over three days this past weekend but had only completed half the journey by Sunday night. 

Chelan County Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Reinfeld says a helicopter was brought in Monday when the hikers were still far from finished and looking at another night in the woods. 

"It would have been a second additional night over what they had planned," said Reinfeld. "They may have continued hiking, but at the rate they were going, they would have definitely been out there all through the night." 

The hikers were two 31-year-old women, one from Utah and the other from California. 

A contact person for the two women told deputies she received an InReach satellite tracking message from them at 9:00 pm Sunday, saying they had been stuck and would be spending one more night on the hike. She said they were not prepared for the additional night.

The area is still experiencing winter conditions with a good deal of snow on the ground and low overnight temperatures. 

Deputies say the InReach device provided coordinates for the hikers' location at the time the message was sent, showing they were camped at the top of Aasgard Pass, only about halfway through the entire hike.  

On Monday, a Deputy traveled to the parking area for the hike and located the women's vehicle at about 3:00 pm. 

The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Air Support Unit was then called to fly into the area to search for the women as they were long overdue. The helicopter crew located them at about 4:45 pm, still about 8-10 miles from the parking lot.  

Deputies say the crew was able to find a landing spot near the hikers. After speaking to the women, it was determined they were not injured but were not equipped for another night on the hike.  

It was decided the best option would be to fly them out to the parking lot to avoid further issues with the hike. 

Sgt. Reinfeld says the Enchantments are treacherous to navigate this early in the spring. 

“I definitely wouldn’t recommend it this time of year,” Reinfeld said. “A lot of conditions can change up there rapidly. With it warming up, there could be some snow slides.”  

In addition, Reinfeld noted the roadway to the closest parking to the trailhead for the Enchantments is still closed for the winter. The extended distance from the existing parking location to the trailhead adds 3-4 miles to the hike.

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