One Washington Town Places Top 10 In The Nation For Most UFO Sightings

Have you ever gazed up at the stars and wondered if we're alone in the universe? Or have you seen strange lights in the sky and had a nagging feeling that they might be something otherworldly?


Can You Name The One Place In Washington State That You Can See A UFO?

Though I've never witnessed a UFO sighting outside of a few shooting stars, I'm one of those people who believes anything is possible including aliens from another world.

It's lucky that I live in a state that's famous for UFO sightings.

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We won't beat Area 51 in New Mexico but Washington State has long been a UFO hotspot, with countless sightings reported over the years.

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UFOmania - The truth is out there via YouTube

There's a new report out and you'll be surprised to see that one city in Washington is the best place to spot a UFO and it's not Seattle or Tacoma.

In a new article published by, one place that seems to be a great place to spot a UFO is none other than Spokane Washington.


Spokane ranked 7th in the nation while Boise was ranked 4th and Portland was ranked 8th. The number one spot belongs to Tuscon Arizona.

So congrats to Spokane and if you are a UFO hunter, best pack your bags and head that way. You can read more from the article here.

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