A Wenatchee couple could be facing charges after allegedly stealing two high-end bikes from tourists visiting the area.

East Wenatchee Police Sergeant James Marshall said the REI bikes were locked onto the back of the tourists' car overnight July 4th. Cameras show a suspect making his way into the area from the Apple Capital Loop Trail before cutting the lock and removing both bikes.

The tourists, who are from Vancouver, Washington, were staying at a hotel on Valley Mall Parkway when the theft occurred. Combined, the bikes have an estimated value of about $1,600.

The victims made a report the next day. Marshal said the following few days provided very little in the way of leads.

Four days later on July 8th an East Wenatchee police officer on patrol reportedly contacted a suspicious vehicle on Valley Mall Parkway.

"He noticed that they had two REI bikes attached to the back of their vehicle." Marshall said, "The bikes appeared to have been painted recently and had very specific accessories that he remembered reading about during his pre-shift briefing."

The officer eventually determined those were the stolen bikes.

The suspects, who are a man and a woman in their early 40's, have not been formally charged yet. The case has been sent by the East Wenatchee Police Department to the prosecutor's office for charges. The victims are said to be pursing charges for felony level theft.

According to the East Wenatchee Police Department, it's important that people report any property of theirs that has been stolen to give it the best chance of being returned.

Marshall said the victims are grateful to be getting their bikes back and have decided to make the trip back to the Wenatchee Valley to recover their property. They are reportedly staying positive, making the journey an excuse for another vacation weekend.

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