Last weekend’s Watershed Festival at The Gorge Amphitheater wasn’t quite as interesting or treacherous as several rumors made it out be.

Kyle Foreman with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office says, despite posts to the contrary on social media, everyone who attended the festival survived the weekend.

“We do not have any reports of any deaths at the Watershed Festival in spite of many exaggerated rumors. It was what we would term a typical weekend at Watershed but the rumors were greatly exaggerated.”

In addition to unfounded stories about fatalities happening at Watershed, Foreman says there have been other rumors swirling on social media that are also false.

“There was a rumor that someone was handing out antifreeze for people to drink (but) we were not able to substantiate that. There was also a rumor that a person had their ear bitten off. There was one girl who was involved in domestic violence dispute that had her ear bitten and required medical attention but her ear was not bitten off.”

Foreman adds that such rumors about felonious behavior don’t necessarily interfere with the routines of the sheriff’s office, but they do require some investigation to either substantiate or deem as unfounded.

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