Washington state's pooches are among the most pampered pets in the country.

Have you ever thrown a birthday party or special celebration for your dog?  Ordered food at a restaurant as a treat for your dog?  Have you put perfume or cologne on your dog?  Those are just a few of the extravagances some dog owners have bestowed on their pets.

It turns out dog owners in Washington are considered the third most likely to gush over their canine companions according to Forbes Advisor which looked into the habits of dog lovers in all 50 states.

In a moment, I'll leave you with a thought as to why we should be proud to lead the pack on this list, even if it seems whacky to some.

How Extravagant Are Dog Owners in Washington

I've never thrown a doggy birthday party for Bailey, our Labradoodle or any of the dogs I previously owned and I'm in the minority on that.  Over 70% of Washington dog owners do this, according to Forbes findings.  We are also the most likely dog owners in the country to provide homemade dog food or treats.  Not counting table scraps.

In Washington, we take our dogs on vacations, more than anywhere else in the U.S.  61% of dog owners said their four-legged friend has come along on the family vacations.

Dog owners in Washington like to spoil their dogs with restaurant treats.  Not just leftovers in a doggy bag but something ordered off the menu!  62% of dog owners in Washington admitted they do this.

Now I will admit to buying lots of toys for Bailey but this next one is more a function of the Northwest weather's.  We buy toys and clothing for our dogs at the second highest rate in the country.

We rank #3 in the US for using dog strollers, the ultimate in pampering your pooch.

And finally, the Forbes study found Washington is has the second highest percentage of owners who spend more money on their dog’s health and grooming than they do on their own health.  Two-thirds admitted to this and I hope they are in really good health and not neglecting any medical issues.

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So it's good to be a dog in Washington and consider this thought I spotted on social media last night.

Dogs are just a chapter in our lives, but to a dog, WE are the whole book.  Because they are only with us a short time, they deserve to be pampered.


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