The area of Chelan Avenue and Yakima Street has certainly gotten a lot more colorful with the holiday season.

Earlier this week, the City of Wenatchee debuted a new LED lighting system for the exterior of the new city hall building.

The City's facilities manager, Elisa Schafer, says the idea had been in works since just after the city purchased the building around three years ago.

"It started as a vision to create an exterior 'wow' factor for the city hall building. We did some research and found out what the best way to illuminate the building was and went to work."

The new system includes approximately 150 LED lights along the roofline of the building's second floor, as well as sconce lighting around its entire perimeter - all of which draw very little electricity.

Schafer the building will be lit with a different color scheme throughout the year.
"The current plan is to change the lighting color according to holidays and seasons, special events as determined by the mayor's office, and we are going to allow patrons to apply for a light display."

Schafer says the process for letting groups and organizations rent the building's lightning color scheme will be similar to its program for displaying banners on city light standards.

The City is still in the process of learning all of the functions the lightning system offers but plans to be able to program multi-colored lightshows with it by next month.

For the time being, the building will be illuminated with a red and green theme to coincide with the Christmas Season.

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