Construction crews are close to wrapping up the Lincoln Park Rehabilitation Project in South Wenatchee.

As long as the weather cooperates, the city says work should start soon to finish up the new soccer/lacrosse field, BMX pump park, playground, second picnic shelter and the unfinished disc golf course.

"We're doing the signs, the tee box signs, and the tee boxes. We currently have six of the tee boxes installed." Parks Director Steve Erickson said.

Some of the playground equipment has already been built and crews will eventually spread piles of specially made wood chips as protective ground cover.

"If you fall off top of the bars, you'll land on a cushioned surface." Erickson said.

Erickson says a new stage is being built as well. It will be closer to the ground with more features than the stage that was eventually torn down.

"We're incorporating the electrical system into the stage itself so it's going to be more user friendly." Erickson added.

Completion of the project is slated for no later than Memorial Day Weekend.

Erickson says a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place as well.

Beginning in June work will also get underway on the baseball fields to replace the grass and irrigation and level the outfields and potentially add warning tracks and move and replace fences.  The baseball fields will be closed until 2024.

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When the park was designed, the sport of pickleball wasn't as popular as it is now.

Erickson says the city has a plan to build pickleball courts in Rotary Park.

Wenatchee's Lincoln Park Project

Unfinished projects in Lincoln Park in South Wenatchee

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