Vinyl record music collector Joel Myrene is organizing the next Wenatchee vinyl record expo on May 18th.

It is the third expo in Wenatchee for collectors to buy,  sell, or trade vinyl records and even CD's and tapes.

After two successful events in 2023, Myrene is scaling back to one Expo in 2024 due to time constraints.

Vendors include local collectors and Myrene is bringing in vendors from Seattle, Spokane, and as far away as Montana.  To raise awareness of the Wenatchee Vinyl Record Expo, Myrene has visited similar events in Port Townsend, WA who will bring their collections to the Wenatchee show. "I have been visiting a ton of record stores, mostly on the WestSide, getting the word out about the expo" Myrene said.  "I’ve also been joining a bunch of online vinyl groups and meeting the other people who run vinyl record shows in the northwest.  It has paid off, as record vendor spots sold out two months prior to the show."  Myrene said he now has a waitlist for vinyl record vendors who want to participate.

Image: Gary Myrene
Image: Joel Myrene

Why Are Vinyl Records So Popular Again?

Myrene thinks there are many factors "Most people consume music streaming and there's nothing tangible with it. You pay your subscription and if you cancel your subscription you don't have any music".  He points out "if you have a vinyl record,  you have a record in front of you.  When you're listening to music, putting it on the turntable, and you have this 12 by 12 piece of artwork".

Many vinyl rerecord fans believe they sound better. "Yes, that's probably if you have the right audio equipment that you're listening to this stuff on. The sound quality, you know, people can argue back and forth about it, but there's just something about it that that sounds different and better in my opinion" Myrene says.

Myrene says vinyl records out sold CDs by roughly 25% in 2022; 41 million record sales vs. 33 million CD's.  It was the first time record album sales outpaced CD sales since 1987 according to Myrene's research.

The interest in vinyl sales surging among music audiophiles and with younger generations, Myrene notes there is not much if any vinyl record music inventory available for sale in the Wenatchee area.

"Target or WalMart have small sections I have noticed but it's very limited.  Most people that are into collecting records probably use Amazon or go to record stores when they go to Spokane, Ellensburg or Seattle.

 His own collection of records dates back about 25 years and after a conversation with another collector who was considering selling some of his treasures, the idea clicked.  With record sales enjoying a resurgence in recent years, he thought others with an interest might enjoy getting together to sell or swap music from their collection.

If You Go:

The 2024 Apple Valley Vinyl Record Expo on Saturday, May 18th from 11am to 4pm at the IOOF Hall 601 N. Chelan Ave. in Wenatchee.  Admission is free.  A $5 early admission ticket will allow entrance at 10am

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