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  • Wireless Carriers Boost Network Capacity in Washington, DC for Trump Inauguration

    iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) — Ahead of the presidential inauguration this weekend, wireless carriers are bringing in the reinforcements as they expect to see a flood of smartphone activity in Washington, D.C.Mobile service providers, including Verizon, are bringing in their most advanced mobile cellular […]

  • Oxfam Report Shows Gap Between Super Rich and Poor

    iStock/Thinkstock(DAVOS, Switzerland) -- You may have already known that the world's richest people were very, very rich. But did you know just how rich? A new report from Oxfam released Monday at an annual gathering of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland shows that the eight richest men own as much wealth […]

  • New Study Ranks Dentist as Best Job of 2017

    iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- If you're looking for a good job with a six-figure salary and a fractional unemployment rate, a new survey suggests you go into health care. Dentist was ranked the top job in US News and World Report's study, with a median salary of over $152,000. In fact, four of the top five jobs were […]

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  • Nick Viall Has Some Explaining to Do on Monday's "The Bachelor"

    ABC/Mitch Haaseth(LOS ANGELES) -- On last week's episode of ABC's The Bachelor, Nick Viall dropped a bombshell by sending home Liz, a woman he'd slept with before she came on the show.  This week, he'll have to spill the beans about what happened to the other women. "I think you will see the […]

  • Homer Simpson Plots Revenge with Common, RZA and Snoop Dogg in 600th Episode of "The Simpsons"

    Fox - 2017(LOS ANGELES) -- This Sunday, The Simpsons kicked off their 600th episode with a what was basically a hip-hop-inspired ode to F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby. The first-ever hour-long episode, titled "The Great Phatsby," began with the Simpsons taking a trip to […]

  • Lucasfilm Confirms No CGI Carrie Fisher in Next "Star Wars" Movie

    2015 - Lucasfilm(LOS ANGELES) -- In the wake of Carrie Fisher's death, there was speculation producers might digitally recreate her character for the remaining Star Wars films.  However, Lucasfilm says it's not going to happen. “We don’t normally respond to fan or press speculation, but […]