A plan for 12 single-family homes along the Columbia River in Chelan Falls is moving forward after receiving approval from the Chelan County Hearing Examiner.

A developer from Seattle, Bob Moorman, submitted the proposal under the name Chelan Falls Properties to build the development called "Crescent Shore."

The property does face some challenges.

It'll require a soil sample because it was an orchard as a time when toxic ingredients were used as pesticides.

The Colville Tribe has also expressed unease over the project, which would be required to shut down if any Native American grave sites were discovered there. The Yakima Nation had no comment on the project.

In addition, a complete a cultural resource survey must be performed before any earth disturbing activities.

The planned subdivision will sit on 12.6 acres. The 12 lots will range in size from 38,000 sq. ft. to 1830,000 sq. ft.


It's located in an area zoned as Rural Waterfront. The proposed access to the site will be from 2nd Street in Chelan Falls onto a private road. That road will cross railroad tracks.

Several parties, during public comment on the project, expressed concern over the railroad crossing that'll be required.

One local homeowner said he was concerned about improvements and maintenance of the crossing of the railroad and stated that his homeowner’s association paid for an easement under the railroad for their water.

Another county resident commented on improvement required to the railroad crossing, specifically referencing a letter from the Chelan County Prosecuting Attorney's office stating that the county owns the right of way to the crossing.

In addition, the River Rock Homeowners Association stated it wanted the applicant to get an agreement with the railroad owner for upkeep of the railroad crossing.

A comment from the Chelan County Assessor dated in January noted the applicant owes three years of back taxes.

It's not known when the developer would start construction on the residential project, once all requirement set forth by the Hearing Examiner are met.

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