The search will continue Monday for a man who fell into the Columbia River at Crescent Bar Saturday evening.

Deputies say the man was on a floating raft about 50-100 yards from Willow Beach shore when he fell in at about 6:20 p.m.

Personnel and equipment from the Kittitas County Sheriff Office and Columbia Basin Dive Rescue joined Grant County deputies in the recovery effort Sunday.

Operations were suspended at 6pm because of a mechanical failure, and deputies said efforts would be restarted Monday morning.

Grant County Sheriff's spokesperson Kyle Foreman said the man’s friends and loved ones at the scene had Monday's plan shared with them and planned to get some rest.

Foreman expressed gratitude toward the people on boats and other watercraft who gave recovery teams plenty of room to work.

He also thanked the Crescent Bar community for being extremely giving and helpful to the man’s friends and family on the scene. He noted offers of comforting gestures continue to come from those who feel empathy for the man’s loved ones.

The missing man has not been identified.

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