The journey has begun for the young women who are interested in competing for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Royalty in 2024.

The Festival office announced the names of 30 young women from the Wenatchee and Eastmont School Districts who hope to be named one of the Top 10 candidates and advance to the Royalty Selection Pageant in February where the Royal Court for the 105th Festival will be crowned.

The candidates with an (E) are from Eastmont High School district, those with a (W) are from Wenatchee High School district:

  • Abigail Perkins (W)
  • Amie Kate Canlis (W)
  • Andrea Zavala Padilla (W)
  • Ashlyn Hambelton (W)
  • Ava Morales (E)
  • Ava Porter (W)
  • Betsy Gomez-Aviles (W)
  • Carys Williams (E)
  • Catelyn Shearer (W)
  • Daisy Pablo (W)
  • Dania Cuevas Sandoval (W)
  • Ella Stimmel (E)
  • Esty Gonzalez (E)
  • Jenissa Hepton (W)
  • Jess McIrvin (W)
  • Jocelyn Olson (E)
  • Kaitlin Barrows (E)
  • Katelyn Murphy (W)
  • Kylee Maytrychit (E)
  • Lana Duncan (W)
  • Laurel Patterson (E)
  • Lexie Fennell (E)
  • Libby Borst (W)
  • Mariana Lopez (W)
  • Mayalani Ayon Fernandez (W)
  • Samantha Dodd (E)
  • Sophia Munro (E)
  • Sophia Stagg (E)
  • Wendy Castellanos Bueno (W)
  • Zoe Kleithal (E)

Top 10 Selection Process, Speeches and Top 10 Announcement

100% of the vote will be made by 5 out-of-town Judges. There will be a “Get To Know You” session on January 8th at 5:30pm which will count as 20% of the total Top 10 Score.  On January 9th at 10am,  the candidates will give a 2-3 minute speech that will count as the remaining 80% of their total Top 10 Score. The Top 10 Candidates will be announced January 9th at 6:00 pm.  All events will be at the Numerica Performing Arts Center and are free to attend.  NCW Life Channel will stream all Top Ten Events on their Facebook page.

The Top 10 Candidates will compete at the Royalty Selection Pageant, sponsored by Cashmere Valley Bank where over $31,000 in Scholarships will be awarded.  The Selection Pageant is at 7:00 p.m. Saturday, February 10th, at the Performing Arts Center.  Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, January 16th at the PAC

Three of this year's 30 candidates hope their journey ends like it did for the 2023 Royal Court shown here

2023 Royal Court — Queen Scarlette Cron, and Princesses Dylan Scmitten and Natalie Pearson image: ABF facebook
2023 Royal Court — Queen Scarlette Cron, and Princesses Dylan Scmitten and Natalie Pearson image: ABF facebook


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