We are meeting the Top Ten Candidates for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Royalty this week on NewsRadio 560 KPQ/FM 101.7

Candidates compete in the Cashmere Valley Bank Royalty Selection Pageant at the Numerica PAC on Saturday, Feb. 10th  The Queen and two Princesses will be crowned to reign over the 105th Washington State Apple Blossom Festival April 25th - May 5th, 2024 in Wenatchee, WA.

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Meet 2024 Apple Blossom Royalty Top 10 Candidate Laurel Patterson

Top 10 Candidate Laurel Patterson Image: Parsons Photography/Apple Blossom Festival
Top 10 Candidate Laurel Patterson Image: Parsons Photography/Apple Blossom Festival

Laurel Patterson is the daughter of Carl Patterson and Libby Hickman.  She is a senior at Eastmont High School.


KPQ:  Congratulations to our final Top Ten candidate and interviewee Laurel Patterson.  What was that feeling like for all the girls back stage a few weeks ago waiting to hear if you had been selected for the Top Ten?

LP:  Yeah, it was surreal, to say the least. But honestly, just an amazing experience just getting to be there in general. And I was happy to be there with all the other girls who competed.

KPQ:  In one week, all ten of you will be on stage at the PAC holding hands, waiting to hear your names called again.  This time as Queen or Princess!  Have you thought about what that's going to feel like?

LP:  Yeah, I honestly think I dream about it every night just because we all are thinking about it and I think it will just be emotional.  I'm just going to be so proud of the girls who make top three and every other girl who didn't because this is a hard thing to do. But it's such a great experience. And I'm just so excited for that night to come.

KPQ:  What extra curricular activity keeps you busy?

LP:  I work at Blue spoon yogurt here in town. And so when I'm not at school, I'm mostly there. I also babysat for a lot of friends and family and that's super fun. I'm also on the track and field team at the high school and that's been a great experience.

KPQ:  What do you learn from those kids when you're babysitting them? Because the little ones can teach you a lot about yourself? 

LP:   Absolutely.  I think they've taught me the importance of being bored and what can stem from that. You know, I grew up with six siblings in the house. And before we all had phones or entertainment,  it was it was fun figuring out how we would entertain ourselves. And so being in that position again with these kids, playing make believe with their toys, it's just really a good reminder that you don't always need a TV, or a phone to entertain you.  That it is nice to just play with the people around you.

KPQ:  You are studying cosmetology through Wenatchee Valley Technical Skills Center?

LP:  Yeah, well, it's super fun. Cosmetology is the career that I want to go into. And so it's really amazing that I get to have a head start on that career. And so the hours that I do complete at the school will contribute to the license that I need. And it's just really cool to be in an environment where you get to learn and then practice what you learn. And so that's been probably the most fun thing is working on our mannequins and other people in the class.

KPQ:  So what are your plans after graduation?

LP:  I'm planning to attend a school in Richland, Washington. And I don't know really know what I want to do out of that yet. I think I'll start with just renting a space and maybe one day having my own place but I think just to start and I'll see where it takes me (in cosmetology)

KPQ:  What are your favorite memories of the Apple Blossom Festival?

LP:  I think probably watching the Grand Parade. Yeah, it  has always been something that I've looked forward to. And I just think it's really encouraging to see the people in our community in the parade, faces that are familiar and I think that's really cool.  But also all the people who come to watch on the sidewalk with their families. I think that's just really heartwarming to see and to be a part of.

KPQ:  What is your first stop at the Apple Blossom Food Fair?

LP:  It's the Dippin' Dots booth. I always get it whenever we go to the Food Fair.  I don't really get it anywhere or any other times so I'm always looking forward to getting some Dippin' Dots at Apple Blossom.

KPQ:  Is there another candidate besides yourself that is chosen for the Royal Court?

LP:  I think any of the girls. I couldn't be one of the judges and and having to pick a top three but when I think of a queen, I think of a young woman who is encouraging and genuine and kind, and I think all the girls possess those qualities but one that really stands out to me is Ella Stimmel.  I think she's just so positive and uplifts all the girls and I think she'd be a great queen. 

KPQ:  When did you first give consideration to running for Apple Blossom Royalty?

LP:  When I was younger, I remember seeing the picture of the royalty in all of the businesses and thinking how do I wear a crown and how do I get my picture on the wall?  But as I've gotten older, and I've been more familiar with this process, and what it takes to be a team member, I've realized what an honor it would be and I just think it would be such such an amazing experience.

Learn more about Laurel Patterson

Laurel Patterson is the daughter of Carl Patterson and Libby Hickman. Laurel is an honors student, was a competitive dancer for nine years and now competes on her high school’s track and field team, and is learning Cosmetology at the Wenatchee Technical Skills Center. She has worked at Blue Spoon Yogurt for almost two years and babysits for friends and family. In her spare time, Laurel enjoys weightlifting, playing her guitar, and seeing her friends. After graduation, she plans to attend a Costmetology academy. 

Laurel’s favorite TV show is Hannah Montana because she grew up watching it with her family, and her favorite movie is The Peanut Butter Falcon. Her favorite song is Tennesee Whiskey by Chris Stapelton and her favorite book is Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. She is most inspired by her mom and her most treasured keepsake is her childhood bible. 

Laurel’s favorite thing to do in the Wenatchee Valley, besides Apple Blossom, is to appreciate the beautiful nature by going on walks, learning how to photograph outdoor scenery from her mom, and gazing at sunsets. Her proudest moment in life was becoming a student leader for her church’s youth group. If Laurel could trade places with anyone for a day, she would trade places with herself when she was in third grade. Laurel feels she should represent the Wenatchee Valley and the Apple Blossom Festival because her warm personality puts a smile on people’s faces and she feels serving the Apple Blossom Festival would give her the opportunity to fufill her greatest goal in life which is to leave the world a better place than she found it.

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