We are meeting the Top Ten Candidates for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Royalty this week on NewsRadio 560 KPQ/FM 101.7

Candidates compete in the Cashmere Valley Bank Royalty Selection Pageant at the Numerica PAC on Saturday, Feb. 10th  The Queen and two Princesses will be crowned to reign over the 105th Washington State Apple Blossom Festival April 25th - May 5th, 2024 in Wenatchee, WA.

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Check back here to learn more about each of the ten hopefuls for this year's Royal Court

Meet 2024 Washington Apple Blossom Royalty Top 10 Candidate Esty Gonzalez

Top 10 Candidate Esty Gonzalez Image: Parsons Photography/Apple Blossom Festival
Top 10 Candidate Esty Gonzalez Image: Parsons Photography/Apple Blossom Festival

Esty Gonzalez is the daughter of Juan and Cristina Gonzalez.  She is a senior at Eastmont High School.

KPQ:  Thanks for joining us on the program and congratulations on your selection.  Is Esty a nickname or is that your given name? 

EG:  Esty is my nickname. It stems from my middle name which is Estrella. My first name is actually Christina. So it's Christina Estrella.  I have the same name as my mom. So that's where it comes from. And I just chose to go by Esty just because it's my own individual name and a lot of people do call me by that.

KPQ:  I know you're proud to tell me what Estrella means in Spanish?

EG:  Yes. So Estrella means star.   My mom loves stars so she named me after them and it's such a pretty name. I love it so much.

KPQ:  Tell us about some of the things you're involved with, any extra curricular activities or how you stay busy with volunteering.

EG:  The main thing I do at the high school is the environmental club.  We meet every week and we go around the school, and we pick up the recycling.  Recently there have been new projects at the high school. They're working on planting new native plants. I know they're looking into where the trash in the cafeteria goes. And we also volunteer around town. Our biggest thing is the Earth Day fair at Pybus Market where we run a booth with games and educational facts.

KPQ:  You have spent a lot of time taking care of your cousins.  Tell me a little bit about that experience.  My little cousins they are the joys of my life. I like to think when I'm taking care of them, they are my kids, just watching them grow from little babies to the funniest toddlers ever. I love watching them grow up and being able to be a part of their lives too, not an adult but just an important figure in their life.

KPQ:  What has been your favorite class at Eastmont High School? 

EG:  I would say the first class that comes to mind was my child development classes I took last year. At Eastmont high school,  we have the Wee wild cats,  little preschoolers, they range from ages three to four. And in child development, we plan activities to play with them and we take them outside or throughout the school, and we play games that  test their large motor activities and their fine motor skills.  We learn why they develop the way they do and how little kids think.  It's been such an interesting class. I took it for two trimesters. And not only was it just so interesting, and so fun to play with the little preschoolers, but I also loved my teacher, Mrs. Adelman. She is one of the sweetest ladies ever.  Getting to know her I would say,  is the biggest highlight of my year last year.

KPQ:  Is early childhood development a career you plan to pursue?

EG: My plan is actually very different.  I am choosing to go into civil engineering. Another one of my favorite classes are math and science.   They're subjects that I've always like taken an interest in and I found that I've been pretty good at. So my plan is to go to an in state four year university. Right now I'm deciding between the University of Washington and Washington State University, and I'm going to go there to pursue my bachelor's degree.

KPQ:  Let's talk about the Apple Blossom Festival.  Wat is your favorite Apple Blossom memory?

EG:  Well, last year I got to go to all the activities with my cousins. I had one marching in the parade with the cheer team at Eastmont and another cousin in the Wenatchee band.  I went with my cousin to go watch them and we sat our chairs and it was so much fun watching them do their thing and seeing all the floats. 

KPQ:  Okay, then you must have a favorite food fair vendor?  Which booth do you like to visit first?

EG:  The number one place that I really loved was the Shishka berries. They are just a perfect snack that I could have anytime. Chocolate covered strawberries. What's more to love, I love chocolate and I love fruit.  I also love to get curly fries and a corndog because that's just a classic fair food. It's a staple!

KPQ:  You are all competing for a spot in the Royal Court but if you think about who you hope among the the other candidates is is selected, who would that be? 

EG:  This whole journey,  I've gotten to know these girls a lot more and the more I've gotten to know them,  the more I've seen how loving they are and how passionate they are about their Valley. I don't know if I can say just one because I've pictured them all as Queen and Princesses and they all are so deserving. They're all so kind and I wish there could be 10 Queens and princesses that would be perfect. 

KPQ:  Well, I would agree. Let's just change it back to how it used to be and let's just have a royal court of 10  Good luck to you and all the candidates.  It's been a delight meeting all of you. Thanks for joining us on the radio today.

Read more about Esty Gonzalez

Esty Gonzalez is the daughter of Juan and Cristina Gonzalez. Esty is a full time student and participates in her school’s Environmental club’s activities. She also assists in taking care of her younger cousins whenever help is needed. In her spare time, she enjoys expressing her artistic side with painting and drawing, along with listening to music and reading on quiet evenings. After graduation, Esty plans to attend an instate four year university, and receive her bachelor's degree in civil engineering.

One of Esty’s favorite shows is Gilmore Girls and her favorite movie is Coraline. Currently, her favorite song is “Mine” by Taylor Swift, and her favorite book is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. She is most inspired by her mother and her most treasured keepsake is her baby blanket she sleeps with every night.

Esty’s favorite thing to do in the Wenatchee Valley, besides Apple Blossom, is going to the local Target to purchase any of her necessities and all of her goods. Her proudest moment in life was recently writing and presenting her college essay to her family. If Esty could trade places with anyone for the day, she would trade places with film director Greta Girwig. Esty feels that she should represent the Wenatchee Valley because she wants to openly give back to the town she grew up making many wonderful memories in, and deepen her connection with the valley and its people.

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