We visit with the top ten Candidates for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Royalty this week on NewsRadio 560 KPQ/FM 101.7

Candidates compete in the Cashmere Valley Bank Royalty Selection Pageant at the Numerica PAC on Saturday, Feb. 10th  The Queen and two Princesses will be crowned to reign over the 105th Washington State Apple Blossom Festival April 25th - May 5th, 2024 in Wenatchee, WA.

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Meet 2024 Apple Blossom Royalty Top 10 Candidate Lexie Fennell

Top 10 Candidate Lexie Fennell Image: Parsons Photography/Apple Blossom Festival
Top 10 Candidate Lexie Fennell Image: Parsons Photography/Apple Blossom Festival

Lexie Fennell is the daughter of Heather and Dave Fennell.  She is a senior at Eastmont High School.

KPQ:  We welcome Lexie Fennell.  Congratulations on making the top 10.  You're attending Wenatchee Valley College right.

LF:  I am yeah, this is my second year of being a full time running start student. I just think it's such a great opportunity to be able to go to the college and get a running start on your education and be able to understand how college classes work and just get more opportunities in the community.

KPQ:  Tell us a little about the extra curricular activities and volunteer activity that you're involved in at school or on your personal time.

LF: Okay, at Wenatchee Valley College, I am the student body president of the Senate. So I'm very involved with all the different events that we're putting on whether that's intramurals such as a dodgeball tournament or a ping pong tournament or movie nights, or dances or stuff like that. I help lead the team and make sure those events are happening. At the high school,  I am the FBLA Future Business Leaders of America president. It's my third year as president of that club. So I'm very involved with that and I love it. I was a state officer last year for FBLA which teaches you business and leadership skills that will help no matter what career you go into.

I'm also in my second year in national honor society and I'm the secretary this year.  We do different events in the community to help different charities. And then I'm also involved in LINC crew which is helping the underclassmen get acquainted in the high school and feel comfortable in all their classes. We maintain constant communication just to make sure that they feel good in the high school. 

KPQ:  What are you gaining from some of the leadership roles you have undertaken?

LF:  I think the biggest thing was communication. I really learned how to talk with people, do public speaking like this. How to have an effective conversation with people,  understanding what the wants and needs of people are in different groups. And then a big part of it has been my confidence.   I'm able to speak and present myself with confidence which will help me in any career that I want to go into and any job interview, any internship, anything like that. It'll help me

KPQ:  What is a favorite class, if you could pick out just one that's really stood out for you?  

LF:  I am currently in ASB at my high school and I think that's one of my favorite classes. Definitely my favorite class this year. I just love being in leadership positions and I love being able to help out the school and plan dances and different events. That's kind of what I thrive on. So I love being in that class and being with those people and being able to lead my high school. 

KPQ:  What are your plans after graduation and a career after that?

LF:  I was just accepted into the Central Washington University professional pilot program. So I'm going to be starting there next year, and I hope to become a commercial pilot once I graduate.

KPQ:  Congratulations, we need pilots  So what fascinates you about commercial aviation?

LF:  I've always had a passion for flying ever since I was a little kid.  My favorite part of going on vacations was the airplane, like the longer the plane ride, the better.  And I just loved traveling, airports, planes, anything like that. And it was wasn't until about a year ago that I realized, Oh, this is like my favorite thing to do and it could be my dream job and what I could do for the rest of my life. So I was really excited once I figured that out. And then I went and toured the central aviation program and I was like, this is where I want to go. So I was very proud of myself for getting into that program.

KPQ:  All right, good luck to you on that. How about a favorite Apple Blossom Festival memory

LF:  I moved here when I was 10 years old. And as soon as I moved here, I started going into the parade and I started performing on stage through Stage Kids. I was in the parade for many years. That was honestly one of my favorite memories because it was a long day being in the parade but it was so much fun because you just saw everybody in the community show up and they're all waving you on as you're dancing down the street. And I just love that so much.

KPQ:  Do you have a favorite Food Fair booth?

LF:  Every single year I make it a point to go at least once if not a couple times to the shave ice booth because that is my personal favorite. I always get blue raspberry and cherry because those are the best flavors of course.

KPQ:  You've had time to spend with the nine other candidates for the Royal Court.  Besides yourself, who do you think might be most deserving of selection to the royal court?

LF:  I think all of us are so deserving of this. As you said I do not know how they are going to decide because we're such a great group and we're so close, we've all really been learning from each other. But I've had the privilege of being close friends with Samantha Dodd for a couple of years. And I think that she works really hard and she would be an amazing spokesperson for the Apple Blossom Festival. I think she would do an amazing job in any of the royalty positions as well as Dania (Cuevas Sandoval) from Wenatchee, I think they would both be amazing choices.

Read More about Lexie Fennell

Lexie Fennell is the daughter of Heather and Dave Fennell. Lexie is currently enrolled in Wenatchee Valley College as a full time running start student, she is involved in the Wenatchee Valley College Senate as Student Body President. She is the secretary of the National Honor Society club and president of the Future Business Leaders of America club, as well as involved in Link Crew. Outside of school, Lexie volunteers at Grant Elementary, she also enjoys reading, baking, thrift shopping, and going out on dates with her friends. Lexie loves her job at the Wenatchee Golf and Country Club where she has been employed for the last two and a half years. After graduation, Lexie plans to attend Central Washington University where she will be enrolled in their Professional Pilot Program.

Lexie’s Favorite TV show is Friends, and her favorite movie is The Hunger Games. Her favorite song is “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift, and her favorite book is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. She is most inspired by her mom and her most treasured keepsake is a ring given to her by her grandmother.

Lexie’s favorite thing to do in the Wenatchee Valley, besides Apple Blossom, is boating and tubing with her family on the river, and eating at various restaurants in the Valley. Her proudest moment in life was unexpectedly receiving The President’s Volunteer Service Award. If Lexie could trade places with anyone for a day she would trade places with Taylor Swift. Lexie feels she should represent the Wenatchee Valley and Apple Blossom because she would be a positive role model for young girls to grow their confidence in their own beauty. Lexie holds the characteristics and passion to show her love of the Valley and the Apple Blossom Festival.

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