The City of Leavenworth is moving forward with a proposed project to buy dozens of apartments from a local family.

Executive Director Kaylin Bettinger is with the group, Upper Valley MEND, which strives to provide rentals at affordable rates for local workers.

She says the city council saved $600,000 over three years for an affordable housing fund to help with the project.

"With the goal of keeping the rents affordable, keeping tenants in there, and then have the units turn over and they will become a workforce housing project." Bettinger said.

Last night, city council members approved a letter of intent to provide those funds towards the purchase of the apartments.

"And helps us as we go to the state. We'll be asking the state for a million dollars in support of the project, so it helps to have that local support up front." Bettinger said.

Bettinger says she will be working with the city over the next two weeks to iron out the details in the letter of intent.

She plans to ask the state for additional funds in an effort to reach their goal of $5 million.

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