A survey of seasoned travelers has found two main streets in Washington are considered among the most charming in America.

The retail landscape is changing and these main streets are evolving with the times and staving off the challenge of malls, online shopping and economic downturns.

Mixbook conducted a poll of 3,000 travelers to find the most charming main streets around the country. The results below reveal the character of these streets and might spark an interest in visiting there some day.

Since the survey was conducted among tourists, it's easy to see why two of the top tourism destinations in Washington made the Top 100.

Two Washington State Main Streets Named Among the Most Charming in USA

On the list at #56 is Front Street in Leavenworth: 

This Bavarian-themed main street features shops and restaurants, while nearby Wenatchee National Forest, Icicle Creek, and the annual Oktoberfest contribute to its unique North Cascades charm.

Mark Rattner with KPQ Newsradio 560
Mark Rattner with KPQ Newsradio 560

Another location was singled out from Washington state for the Top 100 Charming Streets in America;

At #26 is E Main Street, Walla Walla: 

This vibrant wine country main street features shops and restaurants, while the nearby Whitman College, Walla Walla Valley wineries, and annual Walla Walla Sweet Onion Festival add to its lively Southeastern Washington atmosphere.

Here are the top 10 polling results if you ever visit any of these cities; 

#1 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina: 

Topping the list, King Street sweeps through Charleston's core, a dynamic avenue celebrated for its diverse neighborhoods. This historic street is known for its architectural marvels and cultural festivities, offering an authentic Charleston vibe through its eclectic mix of boutiques, dining options, and events like the festive 2nd Sunday on King.

#2 Main Street, Lake Placid, New York: 

Ranked second, this idyllic Adirondack Main Street exudes charm with its array of shops, eateries, and the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Mirror Lake, Whiteface Mountain, and enriched by the annual Lake Placid Film Festival, it embodies the iconic charm of Upstate New York.

#3 Main Street, Beacon, New York: 

Near the Hudson River, this street brings a lively arts scene with shops and galleries. The scenic beauty of Mount Beacon, Bannerman Castle, and the spirited Beacon Riverfest add to its vibrant Hudson Valley appeal.

#4 Main Street, Montpelier, Vermont: 

Known for its lively ambiance, this street boasts quaint shops, restaurants, and the Vermont State House. The nearby Hubbard Park, and the Green Mountain Film Festival contribute to the quintessential Central Vermont experience.

#5 E Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida: 

Epitomizing South Florida's upscale charm, this boulevard is a haven for high-end shopping, art galleries, and fine dining. Its proximity to the beach and the Intracoastal Waterway, along with nearby museums, enhances its appeal.

#6 Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia: 

This historic thoroughfare is lined with 19th-century buildings, home to unique boutiques, art spaces, and eateries. Close to Forsyth Park and known for its ghost tours, its essence is the epitome of Savannah's enchanting allure.

#7 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia: 

A picturesque blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy, serving as the cultural and commercial heart of Old Town. This historic thoroughfare boasts a variety of boutique shops, gourmet restaurants, and the Torpedo Factory Art Center, all set against the backdrop of the Potomac River and cobblestone streets.

#8 Broadway Street/Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina: 

Bustling with activity, this is a cultural hub with its array of shops, dining experiences, and the Asheville Art Museum. Nearby attractions like the Biltmore Estate and the Blue Ridge Parkway add to the vibrancy of Western North Carolina.

#9 Washington Avenue, Ocean Springs, Mississippi: 

This coastal street is full of art galleries, boutiques, and the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, highlighted by its nearby beaches. The Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival paints a vivid picture of Gulf Coast Mississippi's colorful charm.

#10 Main Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas: 

Nestled within the Ozark Mountains, and rounding up the top ten, this serpentine street is bordered by Victorian-era architecture, with an array of art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants. Its unique hillside setting, natural springs, and historic ambiance encapsulate a quaint and picturesque charm unique to this list.

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