A Leavenworth mayoral candidate has written a letter to the City of Leavenworth in complaint about the placement of at least one of his competitor's campaign signs.

Fifty-seven-year-old Rich Brinkman, a former administrator in the City of Leavenworth, addressed his grievance to current mayor Carl Florea and the City's councilmembers on July 14.

In the missive, Brinkman details his objection to mayoral campaign signs being placed within City and public right-of-way next to businesses and government agencies.

"I think it makes the city look tacky with signs all over the place. And secondly, it's not genuine and it's very misleading. The City, the (Cascade) Medical Center, the Department of Transportation, and the (Cascade) School District are not entities who are supporting a certain candidate but they all have signs on their right next to them."

Brinkman's letter classifies the placement of campaign signs within the town's right-of-way as rude and disingenuous and asks the City to consider taking action to prohibit the practice.

"It's technically legal. The City has been pretty clear that signs are allowed in right-of-way. But the long-term fix is going to be changing the city code to prohibit signs in right-of-way but I'm just trying to get the other candidates to do the right thing."

Brinkman is running against incumbent Florea and challenger Becki Subido in this year's election.

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