Allen Blackmon has been appointed to the Chelan County District Court Judge No. 2 seat, shortly after losing in the race for the No. 1 seat.

Blackmon lost to candidate Jon Volyn by a 52-47 percent margin in the 2022 General election.

At the same time, Chelan County commissioners are looking for someone to replace District Court Judge Kyle Mott, who is leaving to work at a local law firm on December 5.

Mott was running uncontested for his own seat in the General Election.

Commissioners were down to five candidates to replace Mott, which included both Blackmon and Volyn. 

Essentially, whoever lost the general election for the No. 1 seat had a chance to win the No. 2 seat.

Blackmon will move from his current role as a Chelan County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and be officially appointed to his role on Nov. 21.

He will assume duties in early December and will run for election in November of 2023.

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