The Top 10 candidates for the 103rd Washington State Apple Blossom Festival were announced Tuesday night.

Here are the Top 10

Candidates                                       Parents                                                          School District

Brenda Calvillo                                 Javier & Maria Calvillo                              Eastmont

Rita Escalera                                    Jose & Brenda Escalera                             Eastmont

Paige Garetson                                James & Dragana Garetson                      Wenatchee

Kaydence Garrison                          Jim & Malinda Garrison                            Eastmont

Elyse Long                                        Michael & Erin Long                                Wenatchee

Presley Nelson                                 Dave & Leanna Nelson                             Wenatchee

Ava Norris-Markowitz                      Jessica Norris Chapman                           Eastmont

Rianne Salcido                                Malachi & Cathy Salcido                           Wenatchee

Ainsley Shearer                               Jim & Christy Shearer                                Wenatchee

Mallory West                                     Todd & Stacy West                                  Eastmont

Wenatchee High School and Eastmont High School both had five seniors selected this year.

The royalty selection pageant, where the 2022 queen and princesses will be decided, is February 19th at 7:00 pm at the Wenatchee Convention Center.

For more information, call (509) 662-3616 or visit

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