The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) is researching possible post-fire flooding near the Bolt Creek Fire.

On Sep. 10, the Bolt Creek Fire started burning near Skykomish along US 2, amassing up to 12,927 acres with 36 percent contained.

Currently there are 194 personnel managed by the Southeast Washington Type 3 Team, along with 17 engines, one dozer, and two water tenders.

Investigators suspect that the fire was started by a human, however the cause is still under investigation and they haven't made a final determination.

The BAER team will continue their watershed assessments early into next week.

They are currently trying to identify potential post-fire flooding and deciding on what emergency stabilization measures to take.

Crews will also try and repair some of the areas damaged by their recent suppression activities to try to avoid future erosion.

Temperatures remain higher than average with low humidity, making fire weather somewhat moderate along the Cascades.

If the weather remains stable, crews will drop water on hot spots south and west of the fire.

Smoke is likely to persist through the weekend, mostly towards the west towards Bellevue and Seattle, with smoke coming in from the White River and Irving Peak Fires near Plain.

Crews are currently monitoring the southern border of the fire, assessing structures east of Index, and dropping water on hot spots.

A Structural Production Group will assess structures on the east side of Index in case the fire moves in that direction.

US 2 is still open, with temporary closures in case of falling hazardous trees or debris. Drivers are asked to drive at reduced speeds when passing through that area.

For more information about the BAER team’s findings visit this link.

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