Campbell's Resort has submitted application plans to build an approximately 24 unit apartment complex in Chelan.

"The site is kind of on the bluff overlooking the Chelan River, right across from the Grandview in Chelan." City of Chelan Planning Director Craig Gildroy said, "It's visible from the (Woodin Avenue) Bridge in town."

The proposed complex sits on a 1.2 acre parcel. A Shoreline Substantial Development Permit and a Critical Area Review was required as the development is within 200 feet of the river.

City staff still need to conduct their own review and staff report to make sure the project is within compliance.

Currently, the proposed height is not within compliance, although Gildroy said that fact will not affect the development enough to restart the process. The height limit for the tourist mixed-use zoned parcel is 35 feet with a max of two and a half stories.

"It is a little controversial because it's in a traditional, single-family neighborhood." explained Gildroy, "It's not really impacting a home but it is within a residential neighborhood. I think that's what the concern is. It's going to bring more traffic into that neighborhood. There is a one-way street up there, so how is the traffic flow going to work?"

There is no density limitation for buildings in the area. A traffic impact study has been completed and submitted by Campbell's.

The city also still has questions as to how many of those apartments would be long-term units and how many would be short-term.

A public comment period is currently open until December 23rd. The public can provide comment by contacting the City of Chelan's planning department via email. There will be a public hearing sometime in the future, but no date has been set.

Documents associated with the project can be found on the city's website here.

Gildroy added that he expects Campbell's Resort would like to get building sometime in the spring.


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