Chelan-Douglas Health District (CDHD) Health Administrator Luke Davies recently weighed in on the COVID-19 misinformation shared during the board's first meeting.

New CDHD board member Bill Sullivan first shared his disapproval of the board for not recognizing alternative data on COVID-19 vaccines back in an Oct. 18 meeting. He was speaking as a community member at the time.

According to the minutes, they state that: "Community member Bill Sullivan addressed his concerns in regard to the Board's lack of recognition on local data concerning PCR Testing effectiveness, vaccines and hospitalizations."

Local media outlets recently reported on Sullivan repeating his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine during a June 27 meeting, this time questioning the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine for children six months and older.

In response to these comments, Davies states that as a health administrator, he has a duty to correct any misinformation.

“A big part of governance is transparency and people being able to see that. One of the big things as people take on the responsibility of being a Board of Health member or setting direction for public health in our areas is that they are held accountable by the media, by their peers, by different individuals.”

He also said that fostering a diversity of thought on the board is important for the community to see that their board is listening to them.

“When information is potentially being shared that isn't accurate then we need to make sure that we take time to correct it and review it and do our due diligence that we're not just dismissing people and being in conflict with them that we are trying to work together because we are a community.”

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